Daytona Beach Immigration Lawyer: Processing Emotions

Sat, Dec 12, 2015 at 9:10AM

During the immigration process, you will no doubt experience a variety of emotions—from confusion to stress to, hopefully, elation when all is said and done. Successfully processing these emotions is a big part of navigating your way through the immigration process.

In today’s blog, we are looking at a few ways you can successfully process your emotions throughout every stage of the immigration process. By doing so, you should be able to stay sane and composed… even if unexpected bumps come up along the way.

Reach out for support

During the immigration process, there may be lots of ups and downs—and there’s no reason you should have to face them all alone. Friends, family, or support groups can be great sources of emotional support while you file applications, prepare for interviews and, of course, play the “waiting game.”
Reaching out to loved ones for support is especially helpful if you’re feeling alone during your immigration. For many, the process of moving to and achieving citizenship in the United States means temporarily saying goodbye to loved ones at home, which can lead one to feel alone. If you’re in this situation, don’t hesitate to lean on loved ones at home to talk or share experiences. The simple act of staying in touch can be enormously helpful during hard times!

For additional emotional help, look to groups of people who share your situation and problems. You can take part in a local support group or find others at your church, school or workplace who are going through the same process—the support and understanding of others in a similar situation can be helpful as well.

Find ways to relieve stress

Like any major life event, the immigration process can be stressful at times… but don’t let the stress get the best of you! Find ways to relieve stress and anxiety in your everyday life. These can be new methods—like taking up yoga or creating a new morning routine—or old favorites, such as relaxing with a movie or spending time with friends… whatever it is that helps you unwind! By taking time to relax and reflect, you will be better equipped to handle whatever may come your way.

Focus on the end result

It’s often easy to lose sight of the end result, especially when faced with unexpected obstacles. Throughout the entire immigration process, keep the end result in mind—whether that’s a new life in the United States with your family or the satisfaction of finally claiming citizenship in the country. Whatever your end goal is, focus on it and remember it—it may help you manage small bumps along the way, since it allows you to see past your current stressors and ahead toward a more positive outcome.

We know that immigration isn’t always easy—but by focusing on the end goal and keeping your stressors at bay, it may be a more positive experience. And as always, please call us at (386) 449-8541 if you need legal help or representation along the way.


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