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Wed, Oct 28, 2015 at 11:20AM

No matter where you are in the immigration process, there are a few things you should know. First—you’re not alone! Remember that, even if you’re feeling frustrated or discouraged, countless others around the world are going through the same experience.

Second—there are online tools available to you that can make the process just a little bit easier. Today, we’ll be examining some of the helpful features available on the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website and how they can help you get the most out of the immigration journey. Start by heading to the USCIS website, and we’ll go from there!

Check your status

One of the biggest questions you may wonder about during the immigration process—what’s my status? How close am I to moving on to the next step? Fortunately, the USCIS website takes out some of the guesswork and makes the process a little more concrete. You can check your application or petition status online from the comfort of your own home. All you need to provide is your receipt number, which you are provided with when you submit an application or petition—it’s the three letter, 10 digit combination you’ll find on USCIS notices.

Answer your green card questions

Press on the “green card” tab to learn about applying for a green card, renewing your current one, and removing any conditions that you may have. This is a helpful tool that allows you to obtain important information without having to call or visit a USCIS office.

Start the application process

Fortunately, the USCIS website serves as a great starting point for the application process and any related processes you may be wondering about. You can find necessary forms here and answers to your immigration related questions. Remember to use this website tool as “jumping off” point—don’t think that you need to start and finish the process all on your own!

Prepare for your citizenship test

Are you in the midst of preparing for the all-important citizenship test? The USCIS website can help with that, too. Access the “learners” portion of the website to study for the test. The website covers the test’s multiple parts (English and Civics) and subparts, such as the speaking, reading and writing portion. By utilizing these free tools, you will be able to better prepare yourself or a loved one for the test ahead.

Make information updates

Making updates to your application information doesn’t have to be the long process it once was. Change your address online if necessary so the USCIS can contact you with important information regarding your status, and supply you with any forms or documents you may need down the line. Don’t risk a miscommunication of important info just because you didn’t think to change your address!

These features of the USCIS website are a few big ones, but there is still much more offered online! Be sure to visit the website and browse for yourself to see what resources are available to you. And of course, never forget how helpful other online resources (such as immigration forums or experience videos) can be in helping you understand the immigration process. Just remember to check with your immigration attorney for questions that are specific to your case! You can reach us at (386) 449-8541 with any questions or concerns you may have.



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