The Biggest Reasons for Immigration

Thu, Feb 04, 2016 at 9:40AM

Think back to your transition to the US. What made you make the final decision to move yourself and, in many cases, your family to the country? Whether you said poverty, social inequality, or the want of a better life, you’re not alone—these are among the biggest reasons that people come to the US for every year. Below, we will be discussing these and other key causes for immigration.


A bad economy is, of course, one of the key reasons that continues to propel people from their home countries every year. Individuals who feel that they cannot adequately provide for themselves or their families may choose to pursue immigration as a means of achieving financial stability and the benefits that come with it. This might also stem from a lack of jobs or professional training in one’s home country. Additionally, sometimes a personal financial crisis can lead a family to start afresh with a new job or course of study in the US.

Political problems

Political strife is another key reason for immigration. A dysfunctional political system can no doubt make both daily life and planning for the future harder for families, so immigration (when it’s an opportunity) is a natural choice to escape such problems.

Social inequality

Social inequality can also be a major factor in inciting immigration. The desire to live one’s life freely—which we first saw in the earliest years of the country as people fled across the Atlantic to escape religious persecution—can be manifested in many ways, and often results in a strong will to find a better, more accepting community elsewhere.

War or other tensions

War within a country is, of course, a major (and time-sensitive) reason to find a new home elsewhere. In cases such as this, you naturally want to protect yourself and your family from the effects of armed conflict (both current and long lasting). This can often times prompt immigrating to the US, perhaps more suddenly than you would consider otherwise.

Want for a better life

All in all, many immigrants’ desire to make the move comes from one simple motivation: a desire for a better life somewhere else. Whether it’s for pursuing one’s education or enjoying more freedoms or a better quality of life, many families choose to immigrate based on their desire to make their children’s future brighter in some way.

Many immigrants ultimately make their decision based on the fact that, while no country will ever be “perfect” in every way, some offer a greater chance for growth and promise than others.

Do you relate to the reasons on our list? We hope that you walk away from today’s blog with a better understanding of why you—and your family, friends and neighbors—decided to call the US “home.”


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