When Your Business Needs an Attorney

Thu, Sep 10, 2015 at 4:40PM

Whether your business is just beginning or already well established, you can most likely benefit from the help and expertise of a dedicated business attorney. Here at the Law Offices of Diego Handel, we have the unique privilege of working with businesses and people from around the world or right here in the US—so we know how best to accommodate a diverse group of clients. Often that means helping our clients achieve their own version of the “American Dream” through starting a business.

While many day to day functions of your business can be performed by you and your staff (such as basic paperwork, IRS forms, running your website, keeping in touch with clients, etc.) you’ll find that having an attorney’s assistance can take much of the worry and guesswork out of certain tasks. We can be especially helpful in situations such as…

Environmental Issues: In both domestic and international business, if you’re involved in construction of any type you are likely to come across some environmental issues or roadblocks along the way. But this is nothing to panic about! While you’re busy starting your business or growing it, you don’t always have the time or attention to devote to permits, inspections and other requirements. That’s where we can help. We can help you understand and complete any tasks that relate to construction where environmental protection is concerned.

Merges and acquisitions: If you are selling your company, acquiring a new one, or merging, there is more involved than the forms and paperwork you may be used to. In transactions like these, we can help you complete the process smoothly.

Business violations: If your business is being cited for any type of complaint or law violation, don’t feel like you have to defend your business all on your own. We have the experience needed to find out if you’re really in violation of the law—and if you are, we will help you remedy it.

Preventative measures: If, in the past, you’ve waited until you were in “hot water” to enlist the help of an attorney, there may be room for change! We can help you solve basic business issues (like starting up, filing, etc.) in addition to serving as the backbone to safe, precautious operation. Don’t underestimate the help of a simple consultation or guidance from your attorney—having sound advice and understanding at the beginning of your business can set a good precedent throughout. And, of course, you’ll always be able to come back to us if you run into specific problems or roadblocks to your venture.

When it comes to your business, you should never feel like you have to take on every task yourself. Some situations, like the ones listed above, really do call for the outside help of a dedicated business attorney. No question is too small for us—we’ll work hard to get you the answers and assistance you need! Give us a call today at (386) 449-8541 to schedule a consultation.


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